Angus Genetics



At Angus Genetics we raise the best beef cattle with genetic characteristics that count while maintaining an all natural practice for the highest quality beef available.   


    -  All natural feed and care practices

    -  Excellent growth characteristics & genetic traits

    -  High tenderness traits bred into all of our animals

    -  Docility breeding for easy handling and excellent show animals

    -  Ribeye and Marbling genetic traits to attain Certified Angus Beef quality

    -  Range raised & grass fed to provide a high quality ‘Range Ready’ animal


All of these practices and genetic traits are part of the daily production at Angus Genetics.  We use high quality bulls and the best advances in genetic marker testing to make sure our quality is part of the elite in Angus blood lines.

We are currently offering 18-24 month ‘Range Ready’ bulls, 4H and show prospects for kids, and we sell a very limited number of open/bred heifers for herd enhancement.  For more information on obtaining an Angus Genetics animal to add to your herd or use one for show then please contact Robert Schultz at 805-440-5165.

Thank you for visiting Angus Genetics.  -RS-

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